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Testimonials Men

Jon North

“The Snatch Shorts are flexible, athletic and comfortable, all while having a patented pad that fits snug and tight right where the bar will oscillate and make contact in the snatch…and for some the clean (hip cleaners).”

  • President and Founder of the American Weightlifting Federation (AWF)
  • National Champion
  • American Open Champion
  • Three-time USA Team Member
  • Author of The Dark Orchestra Blog and published book, The Dark Orchestra

Dmitry Klokov

“Very good and useful idea! Shorts good quality! Well done guys! I advise all to buy!”

  • Gold Medalist at 2005 World Championships (Olympic Weightlifting)
  • Bronze Medalist at the 2006 and 2007 World Championships
  • Silver Medalist at 2008 Summer Olympics
  • Silver Medalist at 2011 World Championships

Tommy Hackenbruck

“The Snatch Shorts have been amazing. Ever since the 2014 Crossfit Regionals, I haven’t been able to train the movement at a very high volume without a lot of discomfort and pain. I’ve been wearing the shorts and have had no issues. They now go everywhere with me in the gym bag along with oly shoes and my belt so I don’t forget them. They have been the perfect fix for guys like me who get the bar up high and are aggressive with the movement.”

Lukas Högberg

“I gave the Snatch Shorts an honest try and they work really well! For me it’s not about the pain. I don’t bang the bar in to my hip. It can happen maybe every tenth lift. So it is more about not hesitating when I lift. And the Snatch Shorts make me not hesitate! And when that tenth lift hits hard into the bone, it doesn’t hurt!”


Jared Moises Cantrell

“I had adapted my snatch style to hit low because of fear of hitting myself improper. Not only do the Snatch Shorts add protection, which goes a long way in confidence during the snatch, the short itself helps to keep my quads and hips warm whether I’m in training or competing. Whether its 135 lbs. for 30 reps or 250 lbs. for one rep, I don’t like snatching without it. Definitely a go.”

-Jared Moises Cantrell
3-time CrossFit Regional qualifier
CrossFit Strongman and CrossFit mobility certifications
CrossFit and Wellness Administrator at Finish Line

Brandon Mann

“I had the opportunity to test out the Snatch Shorts this last week and after using them I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy being able to snatch comfortably without the pain of the bar every time it makes contact.  Definitely a good investment!  Thanks Snatch Shorts!”

Mike Hart

“As a coach, I realize the benefits that weightlifting movements (snatch, clean and jerk) offer in regards to athleticism. My programming includes 4-5 days of these movements per week. Depending on the shoulder strength of the athlete, their hand position may set the bar in an unfavorable spot (pubic bone) when s/he is in the power position (2nd pull). A high volume will only add discomfort to this area during the snatch. These shorts have completely taken away the pain when making contact to the bar near or at the hip crease. I most definitely recommend these to all of my male athletes.”

Bryn Jafri

“As a coach, I think the Snatch Shorts are a great way to teach our athletes on the proper bar path during snatch. Too many athletes are bouncing the bar off of their quads instead of letting the bar travel through the hip crease, which is where the pain can sometimes occur. Not only does this product eliminate the pain, but the built-in pad illustrates where the athlete should be meeting the bar during the transition portion of the lift. Excellent product for athletes of all levels!”

  • Owner and Head Coach at Three Kings CrossFit
  • 3-time (2011-2013) Central East Regional Qualifier and 2013 CrossFit Games athlete
  • CrossFit Level II
  • Olympic Weight Lifting, Movement/Mobility, and Endurance certifications
  • American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Specialist

Doug Schultz

“Snatch Shorts are one of the most beneficial and innovative products I have used in my many years of strength training. Anyone who has spent time on the platform or Crossfit arena understands the importance of comfort and confidence in their equipment and Snatch Shorts exceed expectations. If you are serious about adding weight to your PR or shaving time off your met-cons, I highly recommend Snatch Shorts for you and your members.”


Joey Parrinello

“Born Primitive’s Snatch Shorts honestly have become my best friend. The Snatch Shorts have taken my Olympic weightlifting game to another level. Not only does this product help my pelvic bone stay injury free when I snatch, but it also helps when I clean and oddly enough they work very well for burpees too—yes burpees too. I find myself feeling more confident with the movements as the weights get heavier just because I have that extra “protection” there. I recommend every “Crossfitter” and Olympic weightlifter to get a pair of Snatch Shorts, so they do not have to go through the pain of being bruised and can experience the increased confidence that I do.”

Harrison Heller

“Technique is all about hitting repetitions in high volume. Without the Snatch Shorts, I was experiencing pain and discomfort during short and long training sessions. Now that Snatch Shorts have been implemented into my training, I can snatch with confidence and know that when I hit perfectly in the hip crease,, I won’t feel the pain I once did. Beginner or expert, Snatch Shorts are the perfect tool to assure consistency and comfort.”