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Born Primitive and Snatch Shorts Official Launch!

Snatch Shorts
Born Primitive and Snatch Shorts Launch

Born Primitive and Snatch Shorts Launch

After 8 months of product development and trial for the Snatch Shorts, we are finally ready to officially launch our website! The Snatch Shorts idea started early in 2013 when I noticed many members of our gym (myself included) were experiencing pain when doing snatch. I did quite a bit of research, and I noticed there was quite a bit of dialogue online from fellow Olympic lifters and CrossFitters who had this same issue with hitting their pubic bone.

To my disappointment, there was no product on the market that fixed this common problem! To provide a quick fix, I took a piece of rubber foam and would stuff it down my compression shorts every time we did snatch. Everyone laughed, but it was fairly effective if I positioned the pad correctly before every lift. I realized we needed to find a pad that was more flexible and find a way to stitch it into the shorts without compromising mobility.


The product development phase was constantly requiring tweaks and changes to the shorts as we tested out each new version. Fortunately, I had multiple members of Three Kings CrossFit all testing the prototypes and providing feedback, so we were able to fine-tune it in a way that maximized mobility without compromising protection. Fellow Three Kings teammates Bryn Jafri, Joe Trinosky, and myself were able to give the Snatch Shorts the final test at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, where we had to do 90 snatches at 140 pounds as part of the Ascending Chipper event at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA.
The Hungriest Man Eats T-shirt (Men’s)Along with the Snatch Shorts, the Born Primitive brand will offer apparel and accessories for CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, while paying homage to our primitive ancestors whose fitness and strength directly influenced their chance of survival amongst the harshest conditions. When you wear Born Primitive clothing, walk into the gym and remember that an inner savage lies somewhere deep inside of you. Despite human evolution and the luxuries of modern society, part of you is still primal, and that part of you occasionally wants to be turned loose. When the weight gets heavy or the lungs are on fire, release your inner savage!  If your survival depended on it, could you grind out one more rep?
Stay tuned for more product releases coming from Born Primitive soon!
Stay Savage,

Bear Handlon

Born Primitive founder and creator of the Snatch Shorts

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