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How You Can Apply the Lessons from “Over the Top” to Competition and Life



As the clock ticks down on the 2014 Crossfit Open, it is important that we continue to trumpet the need for, and validation of those who compete.  While Crossfit competitions may not be your cup of tea (it no longer is mine), the very essence of competition is something that all men and women should experience and strive for.  In this vein, I would like to analyze the idea of competition through something that has inspired me through the years and always seems to help me drive through that sticking point, not only during lifts, but also in life: the classic “Over the Top” film from 1987.


For those of you who have been living on the Moon and haven’t seen this movie, this video will tell you all you really need to know:


[stag_video src=” “]

Over the Top showed an entire generation of young men what it takes to be a champion…. and an outstanding truck driver and father. Lincoln Hawk not only embodies what it is to be an ultimate competitor, he is also the first person to preach to the masses that fitness can be taken anywhere.


Sitting in your car or at your desk all day? Rig up a pulley system and start slamming some arm wrestling pulls

Lincoln shows us that he is not interested in excuses.  You get out and do the work. It all boils down to goals and guts.  Lincoln Hawk had clear goals in mind, winning the world arm wrestling championship in the Trucker’s Division and the sweet big rig that came with it. Then, parleying that into custody of his spoiled, rich son who couldn’t see how much the rest of the world would give to travel around with Lincoln Hawk, hustling truck stop arm wrestlers. While your goals might simply be to crack the top 10,000 in your region, hit PR on the snatch, or finish a race it doesn’t mean that they are any less valued. Which brings us to the bottom line of this piece, competition…


Signing up and putting your name out there can be a frightening endeavor, but trust me when I say that you will be all the better for it.  Whether it be signing up for the Open, stepping out on the platform for you first weightlifting meet, or lacing up for the next Spartan Race, competing will allow you to test and push yourself unlike you do in training.  Most people will cite fear or not being ready for not competing, but do you think Lincoln Hawk was scared when he stepped up to the table and saw John Grizzly drinking motor oil???


John Grizzly Motor Oil

“I’m going through you like gasoline through a funnel!” -John Grizzly psych-out technique


Do you think he was scared when he saw that same man eat a burning cigar just seconds before their match???


“You’re going DOWN!”


Hell Yes! Did it stop him? Hell No! He just flipped the switch and got it done.

“When I turn my hat around, it’s like a switch going on. And I love that feeling. I feel like a machine. Kinda like a truck.” -Lincoln Hawk


So let us take a lesson from a true American Icon….find your own backwards trucker hat power switch, your own semi-truck grand prize, and queue up “Winner Takes It All” on repeat and get it done!



Stay Savage,

Coach Doug

Guest Writer

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