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Tommy Schadl

Tommy Schadl is 15 years old and from a small village in Northeastern Ohio.  He began CrossFit in April of 2014.  His journey to CrossFit is an incredible and inspiring story.  In 2013, he had to relearn to walk after suffering multiple concussions from junior high football.  Tommy is a fierce competitor whose courage, dedication, and perseverance allowed him to overcome this obstacle.  Just 10 months after starting CrossFit, Tommy participated in the CrossFit Open and was ranked 5th in the world earning an invitation to the 2015 Reebok World CrossFit Games in Carson, California.  This was Tommy’s first competition on a world stage. At the games, he made the top 5 and finished 3rd in the final WOD, Amanda.  This outstanding performance earned him 4th place overall in the 14-15 Teen Division at the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games.
2015 Reebok World CrossFit Games-14/15 Teen Division-4th Place in the World
2015 CrossFit Open- 14/15 Teen Division-5th Place in the World
                                                                     2nd Place in the Central East Region
                                                                     1st Place in Ohio
2015-WOD WARS-Wadsworth, Ohio-1st Place Teen RX Division
2014-Summer Sizzler-Wadsworth, Ohio-1st Place Teen RX Division
Personal Records:
  • Max Clean & Jerk:  225 lbs
  • Max Snatch: 180 lbs
  • Max Deadlift:  355 lbs
  • Max Back Squat:  275
  • Max Pull-ups: 47
  • Fran Time:  3:57
  • Grace Time:  3:20
  • Helen Time:  8:59
  • Nancy Time:  12:38
  • Fight Gone Bad Reps: 245

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1 Comment

  1. Sandy Gallo
    7 years ago Reply

    i am so impressed with this young man, his journey has been very inspirational . He has a strong will to succeed and that is amazing at his age especially
    What he had to overcome. I hope a lot of other teens look at him and say I can do it to….all you need is alittle confidence in yourself and as we see Tommy
    Never sat around feeling sorry for himself., he found cross fit but I’m alittle bias because I am his grandmother and we are very proud of him, because it was such a journey we as a family been thru……..

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