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Taylor Babb

Taylor barbell photo

Taylor Babb grew up among sports, starting both soccer and Kung Fu at the age of 4 and later beginning to train for Triathlons. In 2011 and 2012, she finished 2nd in the Iron Kids National Championships. When Taylor was 12 years old, she tore her meniscus and with poor prognoses from two surgeons, Taylor’s parents searched harder until they found a man who was confident in his ability to repair her tear, but with the news that soccer would not be in her future. Coincidentally, her Father opened A-Town CrossFit and since she could no longer play soccer and lost interest in triathlons, she started going to her family box after school and fell in love with CrossFit as well as Olympic Weightlifting.

She began competing in small weightlifting meets and qualified for Nationals in Minneapolis where she finished 3rd. In 2015, barely meeting the age requirement, she signed up for the CrossFit Open unaware that her 8th place finish would qualify her for The CrossFit Games along with receiving an amazing opportunity to train at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. After placing 5th in the 14/15 year old division at the Games in 2015, she was motivated to train harder than ever before. Her dedication and training paid off. She recently placed 1st in her region and 3rd in the world during the 2016 Open. She will be returning to the Games this summer to fight for a spot on the podium. In addition to the Games, she also qualified to compete in the National Weightlifting Championships in Austin. Taylor is not only working hard in school and at the gym, she is also helping her mother to establish A2G (Ass to Grass), an athletic apparel company specializing in newly designed functional jeans, sports bras and swimwear.  She aspires to build a special relationship between A2G and Born Primitive to provide athletes with quality, stylish apparel to foster confidence and improve performance.

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