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Shelby Neal

Shelby Neal

Shelby Neal is a 15-year-old sophomore in High School who reached out to us with the goal to be sponsored by Born Primitive. Shelby’s CrossFit and Olympic Lifting resume was impressive in the short time she had been participating in the sports, but we wanted to get to know her better. After a few months of promoting her brand and working her tail off, Shelby qualified for the 2016 CrossFit Games with a 2nd Place finish in the Mid-Atlantic Region and a 9th Place finish in the WORLD for 16-17 Year Old Girls as a 15-year-old. She once again sent us her qualifications and seeing her hard work paying off, her extreme passion for our brand, as well as her persistence lead us to believe we have already been missing out on a great athlete so we were ecstatic to add her to the team!

Shelby started CrossFit in January of 2015 and in just over one year, she has been throwing up impressive numbers:

  • 145 Pound Snatch (66 kg)
  • 195 Pound Clean & Jerk (89 kg)
  • 200 Pound Jerk (91 kg)
  • 155 kg Total

While Shelby is heading to the CrossFit Games, she is keeping competing in Olympic Weightlifting in her sights as well. She qualified for Youth Nationals in 2015 and earned a 3rd Place podium finish in the 53kg weight class. She earned the chance to train at the Olympic Training Center, leading to improved lifts all around and the goal to Qualify for youth Pan Ams in 2016. Shelby’s eyes are set on a Podium Finish at the 2016 Games.

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