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Nikita Ottosen

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Competitive sports have always been a part of Nikita Ottosen’s life.  In 2002, she competed worldwide in Taekwondo and won the Arkansas State Championship for Sparring and Weapons at the age of 12. Throughout high school, she picked up competitive soccer and volleyball, all while focusing on academics and earning the spot of Valedictorian.  Due to financial constraints, she switched her training to weightlifting and yoga.

On the first date, with her now husband, she was introduced to CrossFit and, needless to say, she was hooked.  She received her Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certificate and did CrossFit for about 3 years until she moved back to her high school town and began training at Militia Fitness. Militia Fitness is a hybrid training facility that combines the best of all sports into programs targeting a person’s individual goals.  Militia Fitness is where Nikita was introduced to Strongman, when she was challenged by a fellow member to sign up for a local competition.

The competitor in her was eager to sign up, but her mind screamed “NO WAY” once she saw the events. Despite the difficulty, she began messing around with the events and fell in love. Love at first stone lift, you could say. For Nikita, it was unbelievably empowering training for Strongman. Every event was so uncomfortable, but it was a fresh, new rush to feel and overcome the fear of these new things.  She ended up qualifying for Nationals at the event and she just knew this was the athletic path she was also meant to follow. So the training began, and it was tough: mentally and physically. The weights of the events were heavier than anything she had ever lifted, and that Conan’s carry! Oh, that Conan’s carry…

Nikita went to Nationals for the experience. She was eager to see what this sport was about and what she saw was amazing! The people, the rush…it’s really indescribable. She ended up taking 4th in the first event and 3rd in the dreaded 350# Conan’s carry.  After these scores posted, she was sitting in a qualifying spot for the Arnold Classic, which is the World Championship for Strongman where qualifiers are part of Team USA who go on to compete against other countries for the title of World’s Strongest Woman. She finished solid in the final two events and held my qualifying spot.

Nikita went to the Arnold Classic with high hopes.  Shortly before she left, she was featured on a local news station for her qualifying place and to teach the public more about the sport of Strongman, or Strongwoman in her case!  Nikita fell ill with the flu throughout the Arnold, but still performed very well and placed 18th Worldwide!  Nikita represents Born Primitive with her extreme patriotism, by putting in hard work on a daily basis, but  most importantly, not letting excuses or being uncomfortable stop her from chasing her dreams!

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