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Kristen Graham

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Kristen Graham is an athlete, coach, and owner of CrossFit Toms River down at the New Jersey Shore. She has been involved in CrossFit for 4 years. Shortly after her daughter was born she realized she was having difficulty losing the post baby weight and joined a local CrossFit gym. Her goal was strictly weight loss until she realized what CrossFit really had to offer. It opened her eyes to competition which she had missed since she stopped playing soccer. There is nothing like the heat of competition and the adrenaline rush you get at the call of 3-2-1 go. She looks forward to that countdown everyday whether she is training alone, with a class or competing.  

Kristen is a North East Regional competitor (individual) and has seen much success competing regularly in CrossFit tournaments outside of the Regional/Games season. She is currently a member of the NPGL’s minor league, the North East GRID League (NEGL) on the New Haven County Minors where she is a strength specialist.

  1. Clean: 210 pounds
  2. Clean & Jerk: 200 pounds
  3. Snatch: 165 pounds
  4. Dead Lift: 400 pounds
  5. Front Squat: 240 pounds
  6. Back Squat: 280 pounds
  7. Push Press: 195 pounds
  8. Thruster: 165 pounds
  9. Jerk: 205 pounds
  10. OHS: 200 pounds
  11. Yoke Carry: 435 pounds
  12. Bench Press: 3 x 175 pounds
  13. 1 Mile: 5:59
  14. Grace: 1:39
  15. Fran: 2:28

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