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Juliette Chang-Fane

Juliette CF

Juliette Chang-Fane began Crossfit in July of 2013. She has loved it since day one as it has brought her a feeling that competitive soccer and running track never could. She pursued her dream of one day making it to the Crossfit Games by getting up at 5:30AM every morning to go and workout with her mother. Come September of 2014, she began Olympic Weightlifting. After her second weightlifting meet at the MIA Soul Open, she received an invite to go and train at the Olympic Training Center for the Junior and Youth Elite Winter Camp. She spent the last week of December in Colorado Springs, Colorado training with some of the best in the country.

Juliette competed at her first national meet and only third actual meet in February at Junior Nationals in Oklahoma City. She had no idea what to expect…she didn’t even know how to count in kilos yet! It was one of the craziest experiences for not only her, but her coach, Jezza Hoyle as well. Juliette placed first in her session as a 58kg lifter and was ranked 16th in the nation after her first national meet.

After Junior Nationals Juliette received another invite to go and train at the Olympic Training Center for a week at the Youth World Prep Camp. Juliette placed 13th in the world in the 2015 Crossfit Games Open for the teen division. In May of 2015 Juliette flew to St. Louis, Missouri to go and compete at the Weightlifting Regionals. Here, she broke the total American record and clean and jerk record for the 14-15 youth girls 58 kg weight class. She also swept and took 1st place in each lift for youths as well as third overall in women.

Juliette faced a long hard battle just weeks after hitting this milestone in her life. She suffered from a severe back injury that led to many other things falling out of place. An SI joint dysfunction, strained groin, strained hamstring, inflamed hips, a dropped and rotated pelvis…everything was falling apart. 3 months went by of just facing the pain every single day. Around month 4 she found out that she had scoliosis and a transitional vertebrae. This essentially means that the bone is fused and there is something missing there, which had caused her to compensate for the muscles she just was born without. This was a hard time in her life that she soon over came.

In July of 2015 Juliette attended the Youth and Junior Elite Summer Camp at the Olympic training Center, by invitation. It was hard to push while still being injured but she made it through. Come October Juliette is back in full force training and having fun! Facing an injury humbled her and taught her not to take anything for granted, because you never know how fast it can be taken away from you. She competed at the Southeast Classic in October and broke the clean and jerk record for the 58kg weight class. She placed 2nd in the 2015 Wodapalooza teen lottery.

She has worked her way back up to the top and has her eyes set on the prize! Juliette switched to virtual school this year so that she could focus on training and dedicate herself even more to this sport. Her goal is to make the Youth World team and the Youth Pan American team this year. She hopes to set some new American records along the way! Long-term goal? Tokyo 2020!

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