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Joey Parrinello


Joey Parrinello was born in Chicago, IL and played a wide array of sports growing up, which included football, baseball, basketball and track and field. Joey was a wide receiver at College of Dupage and stumbled upon CrossFit the summer before his Sophomore year at Dupage. He decided to check it out at a local gym, CrossFit Park Ridge, which he now considers his considers home. After giving CrossFit a try, he knew it was something he would have a passion for as the workouts had him pushing through barriers he never knew existed and released the competitive side he experience while playing football.

Joey has been Crossfitting for one year now and has not once questioned himself as to why he keeps coming back. He truly enjoys the beating his body takes to get stronger and faster. Joey’s two main goals are to make the North Central Regionals, and ultimately make the CrossFit Games. Joey is not going to stop until he achieve these goals—as we say “The Hungriest Man Eats!”. What pushes Joey on a daily basis is the remembrance of a quote his Mother had told him before her passing; “No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small.” That piece of advice from his Mother drives Joey everyday to be the best that he can be in the sport of CrossFit.

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